In times of complex individuality, Skin Gin provides you with a classic Dry Gin that skilfully succeeds in representing this mentality.


Its unique presence makes Skin Gin an experience that appeals to all the senses. The lasting sound of its name is brought to life as soon as you see and touch the leathery surface of its bottle. When the bottle is opened and subtle notes of juniper, mint, coriander and citrus unfold under your nose, you will feel this individuality filling your mind and body, ending up right under your skin.



The sophisticated Dry Gin enthusiast is always looking for the ultimate flavour adventure.

Gins – also labelled the perfumes among the spirits – traditionally play with a variety of botanicals in order to come closer to this goal.

Skin Gin offers a multi-faceted taste experience shaped by hints of mint and citrus, which however do not interfere with the clarity and bitter crispness of the classic Dry Gin.

In fact, together with the oriental spirit of the coriander, they generate an unmistakable aroma which is surprising and fresh, and opens the mind for life’s beautiful things.






With its fresh spiciness and slightly bitter citrus note, Skin Gin is perfectly matched with a light tonic. Mix in a highball long drink glass with large rocks of ice and garnish with a twisted peel of orange and a twig of fresh rosemary. Enjoy sip

by sip; close your eyes and join us on a Mediterranean summer night adventure.



Because in combination with Martini d’Oro, Skin Gin will leave you speechless. Mix both with some leaves of fresh mint and a few drops of wild honey, then shake heavily with large rocks of ice. Serve in a large wine glass with Thomas Henry mango lemonade and a twisted peel of fresh orange.


And, see above:

don’t say anything – just sit back and enjoy.

The exceptional taste of Skin Gin relies on the choice of carefully selected botanicals that are separately heated in spring water and alcohol,

and are distilled according to a traditional procedure just outside Hamburg.

These exquisite essences are then blended by hand and bottled as “Skin Gin”. This is how we create outstanding quality – definitely also a pleasure when savoured on its own.


Skin Gin loves tonic Silence is golden

Skin Gin – a spirit that adds a new dimension to style and flavour – is manufactured in the

“Altes Land” (which translates as “Old Country”), just outside the German city of Hamburg.

The Danish businessman Martin Jensen and the Hamburg-based designer Mathias Rüsch – both closely connected with the “Altes Land” – have fused their passion for the extraordinary with

their love for Gin.


Skin Gin is hand-made, from the elaborately produced bottle to the bottling process in a traditional distillery. This ultimately makes every single bottle unique and paves the way for customisations. Right from the start, Skin Gin is launched in two different designs, and editions that will make every collector’s heart leap are already planned.


Keep in touch – Skin Gin!



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